• 1000 leds 5mm Water Clear Type " wtn-5-19000pw ", White coldwhite Cold BLANC 4260160648115

1000 leds 5mm Water Clear Type " wtn-5-19000pw ", White coldwhite Cold BLANC

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Checkout   top-seller top-seller top-seller Led control mini Leds Accessories? r L? ten Product Description 1000 LED 5mm water - pure-white, type "WTN-5-19000pw" - Including resistors (either 6, 9, 12, 14, 16 or 24 volts) + heat shrink tubing for insulation - Ø5mm - housing: water - color: pure white - opening angle: selectively - intensity: approx. 17,000 - 19,000 mcd - voltage: type. 2.8 V - Max 3.6 V - current: 20mA Typ., 30mA Max world trading nethttp://stores..de/world-trading-NET# BF392Bworld trading net1 - Color: pure white - Opening angle: selective - Intensity: about 17.000 - 19.000 mcd - Voltage: Typ. 2,8 V - Max 3,6 V - Current: 20mA Type, 30mA Max. - Diameter: Ø 5mm - Housing: water clear - All data according to manufacturer - Data is available Scope of supply: -1000 pure white 5mm LEDs - Heat shrink tubing, each LED 2cm - Per LED, a resistor (please choose per pack a variety, either 6, 9, 12, 14, 16 or 24 volts) These LEDs in the widely used 5mm housing offer an enormous magnitude. They are ideal for signalling or depending on the quantity and arrangement for lighting and background lighting. The field of application for these LEDs knows no bounds. From the car to the apartment lighting model building, they find have their place. There are no limits to their imagination. Bring modern light in your life! You buy absolute top quality. Each LED corresponds to the same specified luminance and color. You get no cheap diodes, but absolute top selected quality. We take our LEDs directly from the manufacturer. Our merchandise comes from current production, no residual stocks, over-production or insolvency goods. You get consistently high-quality goods at a permanently low price with us. The manufacturer works with most modern machines and equipment of a German engineering manufacturer. You will receive each offered LED a resistance and in addition 2 cm shrink hose, to insulate the solder joints of diodes. Due to your power supply, you can see 6V, 9V, 12V, 14V, 16V and 24V select resistance directly through our checkout process. It is very easy to use LEDs. Visit our shop page (LED FAQs) for a brief but clear description of the solder. Bring also "colorful" light in your life a little, whether in the tuning, modding, home, home or garden, every application is possible. Convince yourself of our high-quality light-emitting diodes. If you want to illuminate something at your home, also a commercial plug power supply is sufficient. So, you get a highly fashionable design lighting in a futuristic style. In our shop you will find various powerful LED transformer with up to 150 watts of power except AC adapters. 26000026 Checkout
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Marke world-trading-net
EAN 4260160648115

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1000 leds 5mm Water Clear Type " wtn-5-19000pw ", White coldwhite Cold BLANC 4260160648115

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